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Lighting and Appliances

Only use lightbulbs at or below the maximum wattage listed on your lamp or light. (There will be a sticker on the appliance indicating max wattage.)

Continuously place lights on a level, level surface and no less than a foot from anything combustible (for example shades).

Spot heat-creating machines (toaster, warmer, espresso creator, and so on.) far from combustible or ignitable merchandise (potholders, paper napkins, and so on.)

Unplug kitchen ledge and restroom (for example toaster or hair dryer) machines when not being used.

Keep your kitchen exhaust fan perfect and free of oil, build up and different blocks.

Never utilize a compact warmer in the restroom. The main safe alternatives are a roof unit or strip radiator set up high.

In the event that you utilize versatile or space warmers, make sure they get a seal of endorsement from a broadly perceived testing research center (NRTL) like UL, ETL, or CSA.

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