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Electrical Services

Elite Electrical Contractors has extensive knowledge in electrical installations, troubleshooting, modifications and routine maintenance of electrical equipment, emergency notification systems, and high / low voltage wiring. Elite Electrical Contractors can service all of your project needs by supplying and installing complete power, controls, grounding, lighting and equipment.

Quality services delivered 24/7

We offer a complete and comprehensive solution to all kinds of electrical needs. They include the following:

Electrical, Lighting, and Technology Services:

At Elite Electrical Contractors Chicago, we offer complete home re-wiring services. The importance of choosing adequate wiring or device cannot be stressed enough. Bad wiring can be detrimental to appliances it operates and the overall electrical system. In today’s high technological environments, undersized wiring can lead to severe voltage fluctuations, power distortions that can impede the performance of electrical equipment. Whether your connection needs are simple or complex, Elite Electrical Contractors will find the best possible solution to provide a stable electrical environment.

Offering the perfect solutions to residential electrical needs, we have years of experience in handling electrical troubleshooting problems. Experts in power loss, electrical shorts and electrical device malfunctioning, our electricians can solve any electrical problem that you may have at your home or office. In most cases, we can solve the electrical problem the same day. Our electricians are quick, prompt and ensure clean work space at all times.

As licensed electrical contractors Chicago, we have decades of experience in handling worn out circuit breakers and distribution panels, helping you keep your home and business safe! It is important to know when to call an expert for a circuit breaker replacement. Improper maintenance of circuit breaker panels can result in severe damage and electrical shocks. While Com Ed is responsible for providing safe electric service to your property, home owners and businesses are expected to maintain any equipment attached to the building from I – plates, riser to meter cabinets. If you need a new service installed or service upgrade in Chicago, call Elite Electrical Contractors Chicago, today!

Electrical codes are in place to ensure safety, maintain proper electrical system operation and prevent electrical fires. Our licensed electricians will rectify all code violations to ensure your electrical system complies to Chicago Electrical Code standards.

Preventative maintenance is one of the most important functions of any building’s maintenance plan and will help locate any minor issues with your building’s electrical system and correct them before they become major catastrophes. Facility maintenance personnel looking for a proactive approach to maintaining electrical system rely on the experience of licensed electricians at Elite Electrical. We focus on delivering high quality, skilled technical services that will ensure your electrical systems are operating at maximum efficiency. Elite Electrical can help your business maintain systems and avoid any down time by using our maintenance programs.

Our preventive maintenance services include :

  • Service on all OEM Equipment
  • Field Engineering
  • Site Surveys & System Safety Audits
  • Switch-gear and Transformer Testing
  • Power System Analysis

Protect your home or business from damaging surges! Electrical surges are sudden and unexpected spikes in voltages that travel throughout your building’s electrical system. Elite Electrical can install surge suppressors directly on your electrical panel protecting all appliances and electronics from harmful surges. Call Elite Electrical today to discuss which option will be best for you and your home/business.

We offer EV charging station installations for vehicles such as Tesla, Chevy Volt, Honda Fit, Nissan Leaf and many more. Call us today and charge your car at any time from the comfort of your home.

We are the leaders in home automation design and installation services with a team dedicated to offering expert advice and service to both residential and commercial clients

Elite Electrical will perform an assessment for your lighting systems to determine your requirements. Our Team of Master and Journeymen Chicago Electricians will assist you in getting your lighting problems solved right the first time and within budget. Our full range of services includes:

  • Lighting for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Projects
  • Office Environment Lighting
  • Retail Business Lighting Systems
  • Low Voltage Decorative Lighting Systems
  • Accent & Track Lighting Systems
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Systems
  • Parking Lot and Site Lighting

Our low voltage and fiber installation accomplishments cover a large spectrum of industries and customers, such as financial and educational institutions, retail structures, health care facilities, industrial, government, and data centers. No project is too big or too small for Elite. We approach every project with the same amount of care and responsiveness.

Exit signs and emergency lighting are required by building and fire codes in all commercial, industrial, educational, religious, medical and many other facilities. They help to ensure you find the exit or emergency egress route in the event of an emergency situation. Elite Electrical has many years of experience installing and replacing exit signs and EM lighting systems and can ensure the proper installation as mandated by local building codes. Call Elite Electrical for your free evaluation and estimate.

Elite Electrical Contractors maintain a fleet of fully stocked radio dispatched trucks and we pride ourselves on being prepared to respond without any delay to all emergency service calls. In addition, we are equipped to provide our customers with standby generators for auxiliary power if required.

Elite Electrical Contractors’ service department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our office is operational after-hours and we will get you in contact with Elite Electricals’ supervisor within minutes of your call. If you need emergency electrical services, contact Elite Electrical Contractors @ 773.768.2500 immediately and we’ll get one of our fully stocked vehicles to your home or business!  

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