When to Call an Electrician

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When to Call an Electrician

Except you’re living off-the-grid somewhere remote, electricity and the modern home are indistinguishable. Electricity makes it possible to use a range of devices and appliances that make your home harmless or safe, more comfortable and relaxed, and more enjoyable or pleasant.

We provides all the residential electrical services you could ever essential and need. Our experienced electricians can help you with everything from lighting and home automation to service, 24-hour emergency electrical services with technology solutions.

Anytime you have an electrical issue or need around your home. There’s no limit to the types of residential electrical service we provide, so call on us whenever an electrician is needed.

How do you know when you need an electrician? Here are some common reasons:

  • Lights are constantly dimming, flickering, or shutting off
  • Light switches and outlets feel warm to the touch
  • Electrical outlets near water lack a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI)
  • Electrical outlets are smoking or sparking
  • You don’t have enough electrical outlets (especially three-pronged outlets)
  • Your service panel is more than 25 years old
  • You want to run new wiring through your home

Reasons to Avoid Electrical Repairs by yourself

There are many reasons to call a residential electrician instead of attempting electrical repairs yourself:

  • Dangerous – Working with electricity is exceptionally unsafe. In addition to the danger of electric stun and electric shock, there is additionally the risk of electrical fire from shoddy electrical work. Ensure yourself and your family by contracting an authorized and licensed electrician for all your electrical repair and establishment needs.
  • Timely – Even if you knew how to work as carefully as a professional electrician, there’s no way you can work as fast.
  • Costly – The cost of hiring a professional electrician is much less than the cost of tearing out a wall or rebuilding after a fire because of a simple electrical mistake you made.

Please call us at 773-768-2500 to schedule service or request your free estimate.

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