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LED Down Lights Installation

Keep Your Family Safe, Reduce Your Power Bill

LED down lights have significantly enhanced throughout the most recent year or something like that. There are numerous new brands available and costs have dropped by around half.

The new lights on offer are more reduced, with the LED drivers worked in to the light fitting as opposed to having a different driver that attachments into the light. This makes them less demanding to introduce, particularly in kept spaces.

Some new LED downlights can even be completely covered by insulation without causing overheating problems. It includes;

  • Cheaper To Run
  • Cheaper To Maintain
  • Safer To Operate
  • Easy To Install

Overheating is a big safety issue with the old style down lights. The safety regulations were often ignored and a large number of homes have been damaged by fire as a result.

LED down lights solve all the safety problems caused by old downlights as they run very cool in comparison. These are also much cheaper to run and have much lower maintenance costs as well.

The quality of light output has improved dramatically, with fittings available from 8 watts to 15 watts, with a choice of warm white, neutral or cool white output, so it’s easy to find a suitable down light for your situation.

Numerous fittings are dimmable as well, which gives you considerably more alternatives. The main stipulation is you should coordinate the right dimmer to your light fitting to guarantee the best outcome and abstain from gleaming or a constrained darkening reach.

There is additionally a choice in style and shade of the fittings themselves. LED downlights are accessible in either white, brushed chrome or metal wrap up. The diffuser on the front face can be marginally recessed or flush with the trim ring.

These lights are available in sizes that will directly replace the common sizes of old style downlights so swapping over to new fittings is usually a straight forward job.

Switching to LED lights will save you at least 80% on running costs.  Depending on the amount you use the lights, the payback time could be less than a year.  The more you use the lights, the more money you will save.

Replace your old unsafe down lights with new LEDs.  Save money and reduce the risk of fire in your home.

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